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At Carn-Brae Clinic, we understand the importance of having experienced and caring Ballarat doctors to provide top-notch patient care. We pride ourselves on giving the most reputable Ballarat health services, with a comprehensive range of effective medical solutions for all ages. 

The healthcare services at Carn-Brae medical centre Ballarat adopt a holistic approach for treatment. Our team experienced Ballarat GPs also employs state-of-the-art medical technologies to deliver personalised solutions that cater to specific needs. 

Upholding patient-centric values, you can depend on us to deliver high-quality healthcare across Ballarat and its nearby regions.

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Our practice provides a combination of Bulk-Billing and mixed billing options for our patients.

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Experienced Team

Highly skilled & dedicated to providing excellent healthcare.

Serving Ballarat for well over 60 years. 

Our mission is simply to provide the best General Practice and Allied services in Ballarat region.

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Providing Tailored Excellence in Patient Care 

Carn Brae Clinic is steadfast in its continuous pursuit of delivering personalised treatment for every patient we serve. Our team, consisting of highly competent and multilingual physicians, takes great pride in offering quality care. 

Our healthcare experts are dedicated to assisting and uplifting the community. We prioritise comprehensive patient understanding of health and treatment options. With a strong commitment to outstanding medical services, we welcome individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Six Decades of Premier Healthcare Medical Centre in Ballarat 

For over 60 years, Carn Brae Clinic has been a cornerstone of exceptional healthcare in Ballarat. Our mission is to deliver the best general practice and allied health services in the region. 

Throughout our long history, we’ve made excellence more than a tradition; it’s a promise to continue offering the highest standard of care for generations to come. Count on us to uphold this legacy and constantly strive for innovation in all aspects of medical care in the locality and beyond.

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Why Choose Carn-Brae Medical Clinic Ballarat?

Ensuring your health is of utmost importance, which is why Carn Brae is the perfect choice for expert healthcare. With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge facilities, we ensure your well-being is in capable hands. 

Our unique approach is centred on delivering patient-centred care, where we prioritise understanding each individual. Our committed and well-informed staff will support you through every phase, starting from the initial diagnosis to comprehensive treatment and beyond.

Here’s why choosing our medical services is a wise decision:

Welcoming New Patients With Ease

Enjoy a seamless welcome with streamlined registration and appointment booking. Our experienced team offers personalised medical care, ensuring your journey towards expert healthcare starts smoothly.

Streamlined Billing for Your Convenience

Our goal is to remove financial obstacles, ensuring that your health remains a top priority without added stress. With a strong emphasis on efficient bulk billing services, we provide convenient and financially flexible access to healthcare.

Trusted Expertise of a Highly Skilled and Dedicated Team

Our team at Carn Brae Clinic has a wealth of experience and is committed to delivering excellent healthcare services. From general practice to specialised care, we are dedicated to your health and well-being.

Central Location, Ample Parking, and More

Carn Brae Clinic offers a convenient healthcare experience. Located strategically with ample parking and accessible public transportation options, reaching expert healthcare is hassle-free.

Accessible Telehealth Services for Your Needs

We provide accessible healthcare through our telehealth services, offering expert medical care in the comfort of your home or office. Enjoy the convenience of virtual consultations, prioritising your health even amidst a busy schedule.

Wide Selection of Reliable Medical Services In Ballarat

At Carn-Brae Clinic, we recognise the importance of reliable healthcare services and the concerns that can arise when searching for them. That’s why we prioritise your unique health needs by offering a comprehensive range of services. 

Our commitment to providing exceptional care ensures that you receive the highest level of attention. Discover our diverse range of medical services:

Carn Brae Clinic provides women’s health services, including gynaecological exams, pap smears, family planning, and reproductive health consultations. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to addressing women’s unique health needs.
Our men’s health services prioritise preventive care, screenings, and managing specific conditions. From regular check-ups to reproductive health, our team promotes and maintains optimal health for men of all ages.
Carn Brae Clinic is a primary care hub offering a wide range of general medical services. Our dedicated general practitioners provide routine check-ups, chronic disease management, and personalised healthcare plans for overall well-being.
Our clinic provides a holistic approach to healthcare by collaborating with allied health professionals. Services may include physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, and occupational therapy for integrated patient care.
Our patients’ wellbeing is the main priority in the mental health services we offer. Our team provides emotional and mental health support to clients through counselling, therapy, and psychiatric consultations.
At Carn Brae Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, including imaging and laboratory services. Our accurate and timely diagnostics, from X-rays to blood tests, aid in assessing and managing various health conditions.
Our experienced medical practitioners conduct minor procedures on-site, ensuring convenient access to important interventions like skin lesion removals and wound suturing.
We provide a diverse selection of vaccinations for both adults and children. This includes routine vaccines, travel vaccines, and specialty vaccinations. Our primary goal is to safeguard community health by preventing the spread of infectious diseases and boost family’s health.
Carn Brae Clinic offers expert wound care services, including assessment, treatment, and ongoing management. Our healthcare professionals excel in promoting healing and preventing complications.
To streamline the diagnostic process, our clinic houses an on-site pathology service. This ensures prompt and efficient processing of laboratory tests, allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment planning.
Committed to community health education, Carn Brae Clinic organises informative sessions on various health topics. These educational sessions aim to empower patients with knowledge, promoting proactive health management and preventive care.
Our clinic offers specialised skin cancer checks, utilising advanced screening methods to detect and assess skin lesions. Early detection is crucial, and our team is dedicated to promoting skin health and preventing skin cancer.
Our general practitioner conducts thorough assessments, addressing a wide range of health concerns. From acute illnesses to chronic conditions, our GPs provide personalised care plans, emphasising patient well-being and long-term health.
Carn Brae Clinic is dedicated to the health and well-being of children. Our paediatric services cover routine check-ups, vaccinations, developmental assessments, and the management of common childhood illnesses, ensuring a healthy start to life.
In response to public health needs, our clinic offers COVID-19 vaccinations. Our team is committed to contributing to the global effort to control and prevent the spread of the virus, providing vaccination services for eligible individuals.

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Embark on your journey towards optimal health with Carn Brae Clinic. Our experienced Ballarat doctors are ready to guide you on the path to well-being. Whether you seek routine check-ups, specialised care, or have health inquiries, our dedicated team is here for you. 

Take charge of your health—get in touch with Carn Brae today to schedule appointments, make inquiries, or visit our centre in person. Your well-being is our priority, and together, we’ll pave the way to a healthier, happier you.


Become A Member

Membership at Carn Brae Clinic is an annual fee of $44.00. Our membership assures you will be seen on the same day, if not by your Doctor, then by another Doctor who is able to access your medical record and is able talk with your Doctor.

Your Care is our Priority

Membership also has additional benefits such as discounts on the following

Non -Member Member
Holter Monitors $30.00 $10.00
Spirometry $20.00 Free
24Hrs BP Monitor $30.00 $10.00
Dressing $20.00 $10.00
Pap Smear $30.00 Free
Ear Syringe $40.00 Free
ECG $15.00 Free

Carn Brae is a Private Clinic, however if you are a member and are experiencing financial hardship and your Doctor agrees we can Bulk Bill your visit and waive the private fees. 

As Care Brae Clinic grows and expands so will the benefits of being a Member.

Please speak of our friendly reception staff to become a member today!

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